• Duration

    1hr – 6hr +

  • Location

    Vancouver, BC

  • Availability

    Upon Request

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All our cycling experiences are tailored to your schedule, fitness requirements and desire for exploration.


Vancouver offers a dynamic range of terrain, scenery and riding options. Whether you want to climb, descend, explore, or take an over-night trip into the wild, Musette Tours can customize it!


We love climbing! We have explored 1000’s of meters of climbing in our city and province.
British Columbia and the Vancouver area has some of the largest choices for climbing in the Pacific Northwest (and all of Canada). We are a hidden gem, waiting to be discovered (by you!).

Couple Trips

Enjoy a romantic getaway with our couples trips. With our partners in Whistlerthe Okanagan, and the Gulf Islands, Musette Tours has the perfect option for you.

Breathtaking Views

Don’t take our word for it, join us! Let the outdoor experts at Musette Tours customize your next cycling adventure!