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Musette Tours Cycling Development

Join the Musette Tours team for our curated learn to ride clinics and pair yourself with Vancouver’s most experienced cycling instructors. We are here to accomodate riders of all abilities and riding levels. Our program will focus on the following key areas:

  • Group Riding – Hand gestures and riding etiquette
  • Cornering – How to corner while climbing, at a stop sign or descending
  • Climbing – Improve your climbing with techniques from our in-house pro’s
  • Nutrition – Learn what to eat and when to eat it
  • Pacelines – Improve your efficiency by riding in the correct place.

Musette Tours offers a simple and engaging way for riders of all levels to improve their fitness and augment their enjoyment ofnthe bike. Each workout and cycling session is designed specifically with a skill in mind. We are focused on enjoying the outdoors. and look forward to sharing these experiences together. Our clinics will focus on group dynamics, individual leadership, community building, trust, balance and well-being. Each session is approximately 45-90mins in length.

Introductory  Cycling Series

Learn to Ride – Beginner Program

Get re-acquainted with your bike – our beginner program is designed for riders who have not ridden their bike in a while, do not have group riding experience or feel nervous about riding in a group setting. Refresh your cycling skills, group riding etiquette and basic knowledge of the bike.

What will I learn? Basic bike handling (shifting gears, braking and stopping safely, avoiding hazards and minimizing risk of falling); how to clip in and out of pedals safely at stop lights/stop signs; how to ride predictably and safely in a group; how to change a flat or deal with other common mechanical issues.

Dates: May 16 – May 23 – May 30 – June 6 at 6:00 PM from 1325 Burrard St. (Musette Caffé)

$100/4 sessions or $30 drop in fee. Minimum 3 riders.

Intermediate Series

Learn to Ride – Intermediate Program

Designed for the beginner who wants to continue to improve their basic bike safety and further develop group-riding skills and etiquette. We will help you increase your endurance as we explore the beautiful Vancouver cycling network.

What will I learn? Continue to develop and improve upon the skills introduced in our Introductory Program; learn how to navigate in traffic, intersections and bike path transitions.  We will focus how to properly signal road dangers, pace-line etiquette and how to notify the group of upcoming and oncoming traffic. Improve your climbing, descending and cornering skills.

Dates: May 18 – May 25 – June 1 – June 8 at 6:00 PM from 1325 Burrard St. (Musette Caffé)

$100/4 sessions or $30 drop in fee. Minimum 3 riders.

Advanced Series

Learn to Ride – Advanced Program

Our advanced program is the 3rd in our Learn to Ride series. Our advanced program is designed for riders who are looking at participating in their first Fondo or Cycling event and are already comfortable riding in a group.

What will I learn? Learn valuable skills such as how to take a corner safely and smoothly. We will show you how to optimize your cadence and gear selection for optimal energy expenditure. Continue to increase your comfort in a group setting as we will focus on pace-line riding, echelon riding and team time trial riding. We will also focus on nutrition, hydration while riding and racing

Dates: May 17 – May 24 – May 31 – June 7 at 6:00 PM from 1325 Burrard St. (Musette Caffé)

$100/4 sessions or $30 drop in fee. Minimum 3 riders.

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Road Bike  and Time Trial Fitting (1 on 1 Session)

Road Bike and Time Trial Fitting: Bike Fitting Bike fitting is about fitting the bike to you (the rider).

A good bike fit involves on the road analysis across various scenarios: climbing, descending, rolling terrain and flat terrain. We want to watch what happens when you are under real world stress (not simulated / trainer environment).

Our dynamic fit process helps ensure that you are riding the way your bike was designed to be ridden. By analyzing your pedaling style and current fit on the bike, we will tweak your position to maximize both comfort and efficiency. We want to fit the bike to your biomechanics and not the other way around.

You will need to bring cycling shoes, jersey and shorts and your bike.

Each Sessions is $150 and takes approximately 1.5-2hrs.