• Duration:

    31-March-2017 to 10-April-2017

  • Location:

    Oudenaarde, Belgium

  • Availability:

    12 Rider Limit

  • Pricing:


Musette Tours presents: Flanders/Roubaix Double

  • Join Musette Tours this Spring for 10 nights in the heart of Belgium’s Hellingen.
  • Ride the iconic Pave and Muurs: watch the Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix road side.
  • Discover the local breweries and immerse yourself in the cycling hub of Europe.
  • Visit local museums and more!

Airport Transfers

10 nights in the heart of the Ronde

Riding Itineraries and Excursions

Daily Meals

What is Included

  • Airport Transfers from and to Brussels Zaventem airport
  • 10 nights B & B in a deluxe location in amongst the climbs of the Ronde
  • Welcome beer/wine on arrival
  • Guide led rides on the Ronde Van Vlaanderen course
  • Jersey nutrition and water for all rides
  • Tour the Ronde Van Vlaanderen Museum in Oudenaarde (curated by Freddy Maertens)
  • Tour one of the local Belgian bier breweries (Brouwerij) and have a tasting session.
  • Day trips on race day of the Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix with food and drink, catch the action at the front of the race from multiple view points before watching the finish in a cycling pub or the velodrome in Roubaix!


Explore the Belgium and French countryside with Musette Tours.
Our daily rides will allow you to ride the same roads that have nurtured and created some of cycling biggest stars, including Eddy Merckx and Tom Boonen.

Museum Visits

Over 5 optimal race-day viewing locations

Unforgettable Experience

Visit Local Breweries and Restaurants


Included in our trip itinerary are stops at the local cycling Museums in both Belgium and France. Learn about the rich history of Flanders at the Centrum Ronde van Vlaanderens.

Paris Roubaix Sportif

Feel brave enough to race Paris-Roubaix? Included in our itinerary is the option to participate in the Paris-Roubaix Sportive. Ride the same roads as the professionals and finish in the history Velodrome in Roubaix. Only the tough will survive.

Accommodations for Tour of Flanders and Paris Roubaix

Enjoy pristine accommodations in the heart of Belgium cycling. Relax between rides and enjoy authentic Flemish cuisine.

Our Breakfast Menu

FRESH and HOMEMADEBread – different sorts of homemade bread Coffee, tea, milk, sugar and butter.

  • Cheese (slices of young Gouda)
  • Bacon and Eggs
  • Meat (salami or chicken fillet)
  • Orange juice (freshly squeezed)
  • Yogurt (fruit yogurt)
  • Fresh fruit ( kiwi, apple, …)
  • Breakfast cereals
  • Sweet breakfast pastry
  • Homemade jam

Hot Meals

Your choice of:

  •  Beef or pork stew, salad and French fries
  •  Roasted fillet of pork, steamed vegetables, baked potatoes and sauce
  •  Trio of fish, broccoli, mashed potatoes and creamy fish sauce
  • Summer salad (bacon and goat cheese or bacon and hardboiled eggs
    or Ostend grey shrimps) with bread or French fries contains tomato, carrots, lettuce, …
  • Baked fillet of chicken, tomato and paprika sauce, salad and rice
  • Farm sausages, peas and carrots, mashed potatoes and sauce
  • Swedish meatballs, salad, mashed potatoes and cream sauce
  • Spaghetti Bolognese or vegetarian

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