• Caffé Rides and Clinics

    Join us each Saturday at 8:30AM from the Musette Caffe – 1325 Burrard Street. Please sign up for our newsletter below for updates on ride times.

Musette Tours Caffé Rides

Join the Musette Tours team for our weekly caffé rides and pair yourself with Vancouver’s most experienced. We want to create a fun, laid back environment to enjoy riding and community. There are no fees associated with the 2017 riding season. We are here to accomodate riders of all abilities and riding levels.

The Musette Caffé Ride is a family but as with all families, we have a few simple house rules.

1. Sign a waiver or be properly insured (see below).

2. Have proper fenders on rainy or wet days.

3. We start as a group and finish as a group – save it for the races (and Strava). Our group rides are about building community.

4. We depart precisely at 8:30AM, every Saturday. Please sign up for our newsletter for updates about cancellations and other news.

We welcome everyone to join us for our weekly group rides that depart the Cafe at 8:30 AM from:

 1325 Burrard Street in Vancouer, BC. 

Please make sure that you sign a waiver prior to the group ride in the Musette Caffe or show us your Cycling BC race license (or other form of insurance).

Musette Tours offers a simple and engaging way for riders of all levels to improve their fitness and augment their enjoyment ofnthe bike. Each workout and cycling session is designed specifically with a skill in mind. We are focused on enjoying the outdoors. and look forward to sharing these experiences together. Our clinics will focus on group dynamics, individual leadership, community building, trust, balance and well-being. Each session is approximately 45-90mins in length.